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Talent idea

Competent at their job is the talent , continue learning and develop innovation is excellent talent.

Talent is the enterprise survival and development of the first resource. Qingfeng gateway to hundreds of rivers festival essence. Regardless of educational background, as long as their industrious hands, plays to their talents, and constantly pioneering our undertaking , both we are growing and indispensable talent.

Talent Strategy

We firmly believe: first –class talent to build the first-class enterprise.

Qingfeng adhere to the “Technology is the root, innovation is the soul ,talent is the human resource” as business philosophy, and has always been the human resources development as a business venture of this, competition for the development of this. Qingfeng company formed respected dedicated talent, air competition, respect knowledge and talent of good cooperate culture. Qingfeng its unique recruitment strategy, career development of open space, excellent environment for the growth of talent, and effective incentive mechanism and the people of concept of corporate culture, enterprises have become talented personnel platform. First, create a good platform for talent and business development space------ career keep staff; Second, in the context of business practice payment keep staff, Third, is to create g good culture atmosphere , and continuously strengthen internal affinity, cohesion -------- culture keep staff. This “ three keep staff method ” is the core of human resource management orientation. On personnel selection, appointed , maintain fair, just and open, and scientific and human resource management system ,so that each has the ability , dedication of the people can cause in the construction of Qingfeng play to their ability to self-ambition.

We hope to have more professional talent join us, and more people are concerned about the development of Qingfeng.

E-mail of Qingfeng Human Resource Department: txm@dgqingfeng.net

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