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China's wire and cable industry usher in a turning point in the face restructuring reshuffle

China's wire and cable industry by the domestic large-scale infrastructure projects in the positive impact of its market development prospects have been optimistic, but due to the impact of technological development, the development of wire and cable industry ushered in a technological turning point.

Although the cable industry in China has experienced more than 20 years and has made great strides, it still has not got out of the big but not strong cycle. Compared with the first-class enterprises in the world, there is still a big gap. There are many problems such as the low degree of industrial concentration, the large number of enterprises, the small scale, the insufficient scale economy, the insufficiency of independent innovation and the prominent structural contradictions of products. Despite these problems, the cable industry in China is facing new opportunities for take-off, that is, the opportunity to rapidly improve its core competitiveness in its development. With the continuous changes in the world economic structure, China's cable industry is bound to face reorganization, reshuffle.

In particular, in recent years, China's economy faces the bottleneck of energy and electricity shortages. As the country continues to increase its investment in electricity, the industry has entered a leapfrog development period. In order to implement the decision of the Central Government to increase infrastructure construction and stimulate domestic demand, SGCC plans to step up its investment and speed up the pace of power grid construction. It is estimated that the investment scale in the next two to three years will exceed 1 trillion yuan, of which Urban Network and Main Grid construction and transformation of investment 790 billion yuan. Construction scale of 110 (66) kV and above transmission lines 260,000 km, the transformation capacity of 1.35 billion kVA.

Into 2017, China's wire and cable industry will usher in many opportunities for development, the same pressure on the wire and cable companies can not automatically dissipate the pressure. It can be said that in 2017 and even in the coming year to 2016, the business opportunities and pressure in China's wire and cable industry coexist.

According to the "2012-2016 wire and cable industry macroeconomic environment and industry development trend analysis report" shows that during the "12th Five-Year" period, China's wire and cable industry has benefited greatly from the rapid development of China's rail transit construction. The speeding up of China's railway construction will bring tremendous demand for locomotive cables, communications and signal cables and other markets. The annual average demand will reach 16-20 million km and 70,000-100,000 km respectively. Urban rail transit will generate annual demand for vehicle cables 2.5-3 million km; traffic signal cables with an annual demand of 15-2 million km. It can be seen that the increase in the number of railway operators will drive the strong demand for rail transit. In the meantime, the demand for wire and cable will soar with equally strong momentum.

This year, the Ministry of Railways plans to invest 800 billion yuan to complete the railway infrastructure, and China's railway mileage will also increase by 10,000 kilometers. According to the standard calculation method, the general traction power supply accounts for 7% -10% of the total cost of the rail transit project. The investment of 800 billion yuan will achieve 80 billion yuan traction power supply market. This shows that China's wire and cable industry will usher in a warm spring in 2013. Market demand is an objective reality, but how to get a piece of the rail transit construction depends on the strength of the wire and cable manufacturing enterprises.

Obviously, as the state invests more and more in the construction of rail transit, it will not only bring market to the wire and cable industry, but also put higher demands on wire and cable enterprises. How to meet the special requirements of rail transit for locomotive cables, communication and signal cables, tunnel special cables, leakage and radio frequency cables, and power cables and lighting cables is the key to obtaining orders for wire and cable manufacturers.

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