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Talking about the Key Problems in Developing New Wire and Cable Materials

Polaris Wire and Cable Network News: In the production of wire and cable, due to the cost of raw materials, production costs account for more than 80%, while copper, aluminum, steel, rubber, plastic and sheathing and other materials and raw materials costs for the body, which Requirements of wire and cable companies in how to design distinctive products, saving raw materials, development of new environmentally friendly materials and other efforts. Therefore, the following measures must be considered in the future to create a recycling economy in the wire and cable industry:

First, eliminate cold rolling mills and black copper rods. Cold rolling mill 芰 8 black copper rod production process is backward, and its black copper rod oxide content is high, low conductivity, poor performance, tensile weight ratio, consumables, energy consumption, serious pollution should be Elimination.

Second, actively promote the optimization of aluminum rare earth technology. Continuous casting and rolling process with the production of electrical aluminum rod in the country has been quite popular, the performance is good, but the equipment still remain in the early 70s development level, there is not much technological innovation. To actively promote our unique aluminum rare earth optimization treatment technology. And the use of some of the key special equipment and technology introduced aluminum-zirconium alloy, the aluminum-fired furnace transformed into molten aluminum or natural gas furnace, all to eliminate coal-fired furnace coal-fired soot and smoke emissions, and set the flue gas Filtration devices to purify flue gas to improve the quality of emissions, improve product yield, reduce costs, while the wire temperature from 70 ℃ to 150 ℃, carrying capacity increased 1.6 times.

Third, actively introduce technology, independent innovation and development of high performance wire and cable special equipment. At present, the key production equipment of the leading products of wire and cable is quite different from the advanced equipment in foreign countries. The difference in technical level is still large, mainly in the areas of low productivity, low degree of automation, high energy consumption, poor reliability and unsatisfactory industrial development Need to digest and absorb serious lag. The technical level, performance and reliability of special equipment for wire and cable have an immeasurable benefit in improving the quality of wire and cable products, production efficiency and material utilization. To actively introduce technology, independent innovation and development of high performance, high-level wire and cable equipment for the wire and cable industry to create a recycling economy services. Lastly, we are actively developing environment-friendly wire and cable products and strengthening the recycling of waste wire and cable products. At present, a large number of production of wire and cable products using rubber, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other polymer materials. In the production of wire and cable products in the process of producing a large number of toxic and harmful gases. Therefore, we must actively develop environmentally friendly wire and cable materials, production of environmentally friendly products wire and cable. Japan Fujikura and other cable companies in the development of environmentally friendly wire and cable products, in order to monopolize the market, and actively promote the government promulgated environmental protection wire and cable product standards. In recent years, the sales share of environment-friendly wire and cable products has rapidly expanded, and ordinary wire and cable and flame-retardant wire and cable can not compete with them at all. Produced in the wire and cable during the corner more than expected, can be recycled directly. Proposed to set up a professional "PVC" waste recycling plant, sentinel processing, used for other purposes, to avoid secondary pollution.

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