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Cable Equipment Power cable types

Power cable types With the progress of science and technology, new materials and new technology continue to emerge, the new cable voltage level gradually increased, more and more varieties of cables. In terms of the basic structure, the cable is mainly composed of three parts conductive core, overcast transmission of electrical energy, insulation, to ensure the transmission of electrical energy along the conductive core, electrically insulating the conductive core from the outside, and protecting the seal. Then the insulation layer is not affected by external moisture immersion. Not subject to external damage, to maintain insulation power cable can be a variety of classification methods. If the classification according to the voltage level $ Dial core section classification, according to the conductor core classification: The mouth is now divided as follows. First, by the power level classification Power cables are created by a certain voltage level, voltage levels were: ,,. One of the most widely used voltage level power cables. General factory mining distribution lines are used. Voltage level of power cables in some large and medium-sized enterprises in the main power supply lines in the distribution network in the region, as well as in the power plant load and the generator outlet. Often used - voltage power cable suitable for some not suitable for overhead Wire transmission lines, crossing the river, seabed 'set other occasions. From the construction technology requirements cable connector, cable terminal structure and operation of frog protection and other aspects of consideration, but also can be based on the voltage such as the British low voltage power cable voltage power cable high voltage power cable. Second, then conductive core Xia surface embarrassed classification Conductive core power cable is generally referred to as the wire, it is by a certain level of standard cross-sectional area of your manufacture made even in the manufacture, but also in the construction of China's power cable nominal cross-section series For the "town" team, a total of materials. High-voltage charging cable nominal cross-sectional area for the Japanese total of three. Conductive Jun core classification Power Cable Conductive cores with single, two core, three core, four core species list Core cable is usually used to transmit single-phase AC DC, but also can be used in special occasions such as high-voltage motor outlet, etc. And the above voltage level of the charge sleeve. Three: The core cable is used to send single-phase AC or DC. Three-core cable is mainly used for three-phase AC power network, and in a variety of cable routes below and is widely used. Due to the core cable used for low-voltage distribution lines, the neutral point of the three-phase four-wire system [four-core cable intercept of the fourth core is usually the main core cross-sectional area%. Only the voltage level of the cable has two cores and four cores. According to the classification of insulation materials Electrical cable insulation materials by the week can be divided into the following few hands. Candle impregnated paper insulation for cable impregnated paper insulation power performance is the longest history, the most widely used and commonly used in a cable. Because of its low cost, long life, heat resistance, stable electrical properties, to a variety of voltage levels are widely used in the electrical winding Po immersion paper Insulation Power cable is a paper-based insulation, impregnated with insulating impregnant Made of. According to the dipping conditions and the different insulation structure, Rumo paper insulation power cable can be divided into the following categories] Ordinary precision impregnated paper insulated cable It is commonly used in the paper soaked paper insulation cable. Dianlun immersion agent is a mixture of low-voltage cables and turron and locust-based Jin Jin Heng according to the structure of different. This cable is divided into the package type, sub-ancestral lead-aluminum package and split-phase shielding type. UTP cable multi-money core share a metal sheath, this cable is used for the following voltage levels. Metallic sheathing is provided for each insulated core of the split aluminum lead-clad cable. Split phase shielded cable insulation cores were added shielding, and a common shade of a metal sheath after the two kinds of cables are used for voltage grade.Drip dry insulation cable It is the thickness of the insulating layer impregnated adhesive impregnated paper insulation cable 啕 shock wave After the show after the fear of dampness made of Drain-Drying Insulated cable for the following voltage levels and drop greater occasions do not trickle child immersed cable its structure, size and drop 1000 insulated cables, but with non-trickle dip Cracked manufacturing. Non-trickle down agent is a low-pressure oil and some plastic cable and synthetic wax compounds do not trickle down epidemic cable suitable for the voltage level can not afford to high-drop cable lines and the tropics. V. Oil-impregnated paper insulated cables: It includes self-contained oil-filled cables and steel filled with electricity-wound cable search agent, generally low-precision cable culvert. Oil filled cables are suitable for use in cable lines of higher voltage classes. Air compressor paper insulated cable It includes self-contained inflatable cables and copper tube inflatable cable for more voltage levels and above the cable route. Plastic Insulated Cable Plastic insulated cable is easy to manufacture, light weight, easy to bend the terminal head and intermediate joints, easy to install, easy to maintain, chemically resistant and water resistant, suitable for high drop and vertical laying. Plastic insulated cables are PVC insulated cables. Polyethylene insulated cables and cross-linked polyethylene Jiao insulated cables. PVC insulated cables are generally used in the following and the intersection of cable and the intersection of polyethylene and the intersection of insulation and the intersection of line and the intersection of polyamid and the intersection of insulation and the intersection of cable and many use last month to the cable line in the following rubber insulated cable rubber is flexible, stable performance, good electric machine Pepper, chemical properties, and in the following cable lines in a large number of applications rubber insulation also cable. . Insulation Polyethylene Chloride B insulation coating before the cable also by the immersion paper insulation cables, rubber cables and rubber insulated cables noisy insulation materials have a total shortcomings, is flammable. When there is something hungry in the line or at the connector, the cable may burn because of local overheating and lead me to fire. Flame retardant cable is PVC flame retardant, even in the open flame shackles. Mo insulating will not burn. This type of cable is a type of plastic cable used in the following cable lines.
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