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Cable equipment inspection requirements

1. For the selection and installation of the device for introducing cable equipment outside the electrical explosion-proof box / box / cabinet, check whether the following requirements are met. (1) for the normal work may have sparks within the electrical flameproof box / box / cabinets outside the cable entry device must be made of metal texture. (2) The chamber that does not produce any internal spark during normal operation is allowed to use plastic material if it has an increased safety box. 2. Cable equipment lead-in device should not have sharp edges and corners of the cable damage, the bell mouth at the cable device entrance should be smooth and flawless. 3. Check whether each cable device lead-in port only introduces one cable device or optical cable. 4. For cable entry devices with a nominal diameter greater than 20mmzb at 30ram, check for looseness and cable pullout. 5. For the introduction of cables other than mobile and armored cable equipment, check that they are screwed into the lead-in unit with a protective steel pipe. 6. Check all cables or cables (except the intrinsically safe) must be matched with the ring diameter, the error is not greater than ± lmm. 7. When tightening the cable with a compression nut, check with a 2 kg kgf outside diameter of the cable device that the cable should not be pulled. 8. Check the excess cable equipment into the mouth, whether to use a dedicated metal block plugging; (prohibited with clay, tape or foam and other materials blocked). 9. For non-circular cable equipment, it must be used to match the non-circular cable equipment introduced device and the device must have a certificate. 10. If the equipment is introduced into a cable plant in other countries, check whether it has adopted an NPT transition to Chinese standard reconnection. 11. For cast-in-place packing with sealing device, check whether the packing is cracked, flaked off, the packing depth is more than 1.5 times of the diameter of the cable inlet, and not less than 50ram.
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