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Extruder problems in wire and cable equipment

Extruder overload in wire and cable equipment causes and methods: 1 mud is too dry: at this time should be pulled out too dry mud, it is best to remove the machine mouth and nose, start the machine drain dry mud in the mud before installing and running, and within the specified range Appropriate to increase the forming moisture. 2. Long time down, mud in the residual material becomes dry and hard, which will not only be a serious overload, and sometimes will not start. In order to prevent this from happening, when the shutdown is more than 8 hours, do not close the machine mouth water, for the two-stage vacuum extruder should also be appropriate mud on the mud tank to supply water to maintain moisture, if the shutdown at 2 Should try to empty the mud and then shut down. Matters needing attention: Overload, the motor load high, clutch slippery, then avoid mandatory start, so as not to damage the parts, and even lead to squeezed mud, nose and other larger accidents. Extruder in wire and cable equipment abnormal vibration reasons: Extrusion machine is a common plastic machinery and equipment in the wire and cable equipment, extruder in the daily operation of the extruder, there will be a variety of failures, affecting the normal production of plastic machinery, then the extruder abnormal vibration How to deal with it? If this happens in the reducer, is due to wear and tear bearings and gears caused by the replacement of bearings or gears can be resolved; if occurred in the barrel Department, it is due to the material mixed with hard foreign matter, the need to check the material cleanliness. We are a professional wire equipment manufacturers, producing all kinds of cable equipment, please contact us! Wire extruder equipment in the role of melt gear pump Introduction: Precision extrusion can be removed from the follow-up processing means to better meet the needs of product applications, while reducing material costs and improve product quality purposes. Today, to meet the needs of precision direct extrusion of plastic products, a variety of proven technologies have been introduced to the market, and polymer melt gear pumps are one of the most important tools. This technology has been widely used in chemical fiber, film, profile, pipe, sheet, cable, composite extrusion, granulation and other production lines. After years of systematic research on the melt gear pump, a university rubber and plastics machinery research institute has successfully completed the series development and research of the plastic melt gear pump, and has been able to design and manufacture plastic melt gear pump products such as 28/28 / Tooth width), 56/56, 70/70, 90/90, etc. The maximum inlet and outlet pressure difference up to 30MPa, to meet the requirements of different production and has been applied in practice, and achieved good results. Beijing University of Chemical Machinery Rubber Machinery Research Institute of integrated gear pump through an in-depth study, design and development of a 115 gear pump extruder.
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