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Wire and cable equipment manufacturers to introduce you into the cable machine components

The main components of the cable machine:

1. Mold frame: And the line model can be replaced as needed, its role is to make several insulated wire core merging, twisted into the right round cable.

2. Baotou head: similar to the structure of the paper Baotou, back generally 3 or 6 with a clip, used in the cable core outside the tape, tape, glass tape or film with tape.

3. Tractor: It consists of a large diameter wheel and dial ring, to the core linear motion, and can adjust the speed of the device part, stranding pitch is mainly controlled by the traction speed.

4. Reciprocating device: used to stranding the cable wound in the take-up reel, the storage speed and traction speed should be good.

5. Place the center line with the release frame.

Of course, the composition of these cable laying machines is only a general matter. There are many types of cable laying machines, and the configurations of various cable laying machines are slightly different.

Cable machine's main technical parameters are single-wire diameter, cable diameter, cable pitch, wrapping speed, wrapping pitch, diameter traction wheel, outlet speed and take-up reel specifications.

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