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Russia (Moscow) international wire cable, wire cable and mechanical equipment exhibition

Russia (Moscow) international wire cable, wire cable and mechanical equipment exhibition

Show time:2018年3月20-22日

Venue: Moscow

Exhibition cycle: one year at a time

Organizing committee: Elektrokabel institute of Russian cable research and development, ITE exhibition group

Russia international wire cable, wire cable and mechanical equipment exhibition CABEX is recognized as the largest and most professional exhibition in Russia and cis countries.One year a year in Moscow, Russia

Cabex is the most efficient business communication platform in the industry. The 17th international cable and wire cable and equipment exhibition will be held on March 20-22, 2018 at the Moscow exhibition centre in Moscow. The exhibition, which attracted 124 exhibitors from 12 countries, was visited by 4207 industry experts from 26 countries. The exhibition features 124 exhibitors from 12 countries showing the latest cable and cable products, with a total area of 5,000 square meters.

The last review

2017 Australia Russia (Moscow) international wire cable, wire cable and mechanical equipment exhibition

Host: Moscow

Exhibition area: 4520 square metres

Chinese enterprises: 26

Exhibitor: 131 enterprises from 8 countries

Audience: 4,293 spectators from 35 countries and 66 regions of Russia

Cable: fixed cable power cable laid low, medium, high voltage oil production cable control cable pilot cable auxiliary switch cable communication cable. Mineral insulated cable professional cable fiber optic cable of a wide range of application of mining flameproof cable radiation resistant cable installation cable cable of the radio frequency heating cable wire overhead power line wires Main communication line professional conductor wire winding wire wiring low voltage wires.

Accessories: terminal and fuse box to reduce the transformer and distribution gear of joint cable entrance.

Equipment: the connector and cable terminal equipment for the local network of the optical fiber component connector, installation and installation of thermal shrinkable material and the laying of cable assemblies and fittings

Equipment for the cable and cable installation of cable and cable equipment for special equipment cable processing equipment.

Tools and accessories: the cable installation equipment, tools and accessories cross connection equipment test equipment and method of cable and wire installation testing tools to inspect the site of cable installation cables and wires test equipment and methods.

The market situation

Russia is one of the world's largest electric power market, electric power industry is very developed, so far Russia there are millions of kilometers of cable project construction, at the same time, the existing cable has been used for

many years, also need to change again, demand for wire products is very big. In view of the Russian government attaches great importance to this industry and preferential policies, China cable, wire equipment manufacturing enterprises in

the market prospect is very broad, and cable, wire huge purchasing ability and development potential of the market, to China's manufacturing enterprises export Russia market creates a perfect opportunity.


The Russian federation capital of Moscow is the largest city and economy, culture, finance and transportation center of Russia, one of the largest cities in the world, second only to London and the third largest city in Paris. As Russia's central city, Moscow has experienced a history of booms and busts. Moscow is also the largest business centre in the cis, where Russia's largest business and financial institutions are located. Moscow has many places of interest and is the site of the historic kremlin. The city of Moscow is beautifully planned and is hidden in a green sea, hence the "capital of the forest".

Moscow is one of the largest comprehensive industrial city, all Russian complete industrial sector, including heavy industry and chemical industry is very developed, machinery and instrument manufacturing industry accounts for more than half of the city's total industrial output. The city is also the largest military industrial center, with aviation, aerospace, electronics and other industries concentrated here. The food industry and tobacco industry are developing rapidly. The industrial output value ranks first in the country. Machinery manufacturing, machine tools, automobile, motor, instruments, clocks, etc.) accounted for more than half of the city's industrial output and the number of workers, light industry (clothing, footwear, textile, chemical industry, food processing and printing is also very rich .

The booth fee 9 square meters stand, standard construction ¥38000元/9平(双开口加收10%)
Participation fee 1. International round-trip air ticket and airport tax RMB 18,800 per person
2. Eat, live and travel outside the country
3. Overseas personal insurance premiums
4. Visa fee
Registration fee The organizing committee must pay RMB 4000 / company
Comprehensive registration fee Registration fee, domestic and international liaison, information, office entry procedures RMB 3000 / company
Special service Special offer of overseas insurance (travel medical insurance, emergency medical care, travel accident injury, baggage delay, flight delay)
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