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Simplex,Duplex,FTTH Optical Cable Extrusion Line

50 Simplex/Duplex Cable and FTTH Cable Extrusion Line


The extrusion line is used to produce simplex indoor cable, duplex indoor cable

butterfly lead-in fiber optic cable, self-supporting butterfly lead-in optic fiber cable, FTTH optical fiber cable, etc. The jacket material are PVC,LSZH and so on.

2.Main Technical specifications:

2.1.Designed max linear speed:150M/Min,Production process max linear speed:120M/ Min

2.2. Tightly-buffered fiber pay-off:2/4 bobbins (on request)

2.3. Size of bobbin for tightly- buffered fiber:

Φ400*300*Φ56 (and standard fiber bobbin)

2.4. Optic fiber pay-off tension: 0.4-1.2N (Adjustment)

2.5. Take-up tension: 2-15N (adjustable)

2.6. Take-up bobbin: PN400-PN630

2.7.Add loss: ≤0.02dn/km (Only for the single mold core fiber cable)

3.Main Equipment Structure:

3.1、FRP (or small size steel wire)strengthen member active pay-off stand;

3.2、Aramid yarn pay-off rack (optional part);

3.3、Tightly-buffered optic (bare)fiber active pay-off stand;

3.4、50Main extruder(with feeding and drying device);

3.5、Electric control cabinet;

3.6、Thermostatic trough (with thermostatic tank);

3.7、Chilled-water trough;

3.8、Air wiper dyer(without air blower);

3.9、Single axis diameter gauge tester;

3.10、Black or white inkjet printer (buyer provide it);

3.11、Wheel pressure type capstan;

3.12、Accumulating tension controlling stand;

3.13、Φ400-630 mm Double bobbins take up device.

Up to now our products have been used in
more than 30 countries all over the world.