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Irradiation  Device


1. Small Wire ( tube) Irradiation  Device

Irradiation processing for heat-shrinkable tube of Ǿ0.3-8.0mm ( tube diameter without expansion, the same below); irradiation crosslinked wire of minimumarea is 0.03mm2 ( American standard 32AWG)

2. Big Wire ( tube)  Irradiation Device

Irradiation processing for heat-shrinkable tube ( or wire) of Ǿ9-120mm,thickness smaller than 5mm, various heat-shrinkable wrapping tapes, all kinds of electric  tracing band, irradiation crosslinked wire and cable not bigger than 3X185mm2.

3. Sheet Irradiation Device

Irradiation processing for continuous sheet  of max width 1300MM, thickness range 0.3-6.0MM. Including pipeline anticorrosion coating sheet, IXPE Foam sheet, infusion film, thin film etc.

4. Rail Platform Type Irradiation Device

Irradiation processing for heat-shrinkable tube of inner Ǿ6MM-350MM,Length smaller than 1600MM. All kinds off cable head accessories such as flinger cot, sealing cap, umbrella skirt ,etc. Electron elements such as various audion, silicon controlled, Polymer PTC Resettable Fuses, semiconductor wafers, PTC chip etc. Irradiation change colors of gemstone and crystal etc.

5. Irradiation  Sterilization

Irradiation processing for medical supplies and equipments, medicine, hygiene products, cosmetic, pet food, living goods, food preservation etc.

Dynamitron Accelerator In-Line Model(3MeV)

Technical performance specifications

Beam energy:1.5Mev -5.0MeV (Can be adjusted from 1.5MeV to 3.0MeV)

Beam current:         0-50 mA

Scanning width:      1600 mm

Scanning frequency:    150 Hz(X), 3000 Hz(Y)

Scanning uniformity:  <±10%

Energy fluctuation:     <±2%

Beam fluctuation:       <±2%

Vacuum during operation:     better than 7×10-5 Pa

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