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1250 Bow Type Double Twisting Machine

1. Usage:

Suitable for multi-stranding flexible copper wire, aluminum wire and PVC/PE insulating wire twisting. The production efficiency is 5-10 times than traditional tube twisting machine, with the development of technology, the cost of the aluminum wire, copper-clad aluminum wire and other aluminum alloy wire will more and more cheaper, which the weight more lighter than copper wire, without the oxidation trouble, aluminum wire will more and more widely should be used in many places, some special spot will replace copper wire ( such as parts of automotive wire). Therefore, Qingfeng company comply with the requirement of advance of the times, we special research and develop this new model 1250 high speed double twisting machine to meet the requirement of customer.

2. Main Technical Spec:

2.1 Feeding wire:

2.1.1 Flexible copper wire: Ǿ 1.0 mm~φ2.6 mm/7 strand

2.1.2 Aluminum wire: Ǿ 1.6mm~ Ǿ 3.2mm /7 strand

2.1.3 PVC/PE insulating wire: φ2.0 mm~φ6.5 mm /2~4 strand

2.2 Stranding Sec area: 3.5~50 mm2 .

2.3 Finished wire diameter:

Flexible copper wire: φ3.0 mm ~φ10 mm.

Insulating wire : φ5.0 mm~φ15 mm

2.4 Pitch arrange: 40~350mm

2.5 Twisting direction: S/Z ( optional at will).

2.6 Rotation of bow: 800 RPM / Max. (1600 Twist).

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