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Horizontal Single Layer,DualLayer , Multi-Layer Taping Machine


Applied for high frequency data cable ( such a HDMI, DP, USB3.0,ATA, SATA, SAS), parallel cable(SFP,QSFP) and flat high frequency cable with single/double/tripe layer continuous central taping.


2.1Adopted magnetic powder clutch and automatic tension trace device, taping tension keep constant from start to end. Don’t use any artificial adjustment.

2.2PLC controlled, setting overlap rate on touched screen, taping point is steady while it’s normal work or accelerating and decelerating.

2.3Take-up traversing is adopted shaft-traversing type structure, traversing distance and traversing width can be set arbitrary.

2.4Smallest angle designed for wire traverse for ensuring the taping pitch won’t be damaged.

2.5Full-automatic computer software control the whole taping line and computer online record and monitor all technical parameters

3. Technical parameters:


Horizontal single/dual/ triple layer taping machine ( optinal)

Inlet wire (mm)


Drain wire (mm)


Finished wire(mm)


Tape material

Aluminum foil tape, cotton paper tape, transparent tape, mica tape, Teflon tape, etc.

Taping RPM


Machine power

Speed regulation by 1HP servo motor plus servo controller, taping bobbin is linkage with capstan motor.

Heating box

Auto flexible type with Omron temperature control, the temperature will controlled within±1°C

Tape bobbin (mm)


Pay off bobbin(mm)


Take up bobbin(mm)


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